Our two semester program taps into the potential of ambitious high school and college students, supporting them through the process of launching their very own startup. Read on to learn more.

About The Program

The first semester of the course will focus on identifying and strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit while providing the structure and tools to start turning ideas into tangible, comprehensive plans. Targeted topics will be reinforced with the use of guest speakers, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, assignments and other interactive methods. The purpose of this semester is to not only teach business planning, but to get students understanding and applying these concepts to real-life examples accessible to them personally. This is the “I Can Do It” phase that will energize and equip students as they enter their Winter break, where they will begin laying out their own business plan.

Students will return for semester two having identified the business they would like to launch and started their business plan. Classes will become increasingly hands on as they begin to execute the steps of their plan and actually build their business alongside each other and under the mentorship of instructors.This environment will foster growth and confidence as students take their first steps out into the world of business. Real life resources will be introduced and made available throughout the semester, providing increased accessibility and approachability to professionals needed. As some students inevitably encounter their first failures or roadblocks, they will be in the ideal environment to reinforce what is perhaps the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur: the consistent decision to push forward. This is the “I Am Doing It!” phase that will provide the momentum and confidence needed to exit the course and enter the world of business ownership.

Build Your Company From Idea to Execution

Work on a co-founder team of like-minded peers, stretching yourself beyond your limits throughout the entrepreneurial process to launch a real startup.

Program Dates


Semester OneDates

Semester Two Dates

Students Launch Their Companies

Jersey Shore Startup School Class of 2021
January 16th - May 15th, 2021
Saturday 8am-1pm
September 18th - November 20th, 2021
Saturday 8am-1pm
Summer 2021

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