Our Mission

Our mission is to empower young people to build the future

The Jersey Shore Startup School was once a startup too!

At the Jersey Shore Startup School, our mission is to empower driven and passionate youths & young adults (max-age 30 years old) to start building their future now. In a world with endless possibility and an educational path which fails to be an effective launching pad for everyone, we seek to provide an intensive 20 week entrepreneurial course designed with emphasis on experience-based learning. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we founded the Jersey Shore Startup School with the determination to provide a pathway specifically for youths & young adults looking to start now.



High-achieving high school, college, & adults early in their careers love to innovate, challenge themselves, and want to change the world. These promising young innovators are told they'll do great things once they get a degree and some experience. The founders of the Jersey Shore Startup School were no different and as young adults. They always had a passion and drive to create real impact, but what they lacked as young students were the tools, resources, and confidence to do it. This is how we knew we had to pursue this calling to help high school, college, & adults early in their careers fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit.


Summer 2020

The best place for these students to obtain the mentorship and resources to grow was no better place than where the founders of The Jersey Shore Startup School thrive with their own businesses, the Jersey Shore. This is when the founders began putting together the foundations for the first classes for the Fall of 2020.


Fall 2020

The Jersey Shore Startup School officially starts accepting applications for the first inaugural class for the Spring semester.


January 2021

The first Jersey Shore Startup School classes will begin. Instructors apply their hands-on strategies to help students prepare to launch their companies in the summer of 2021.


Summer 2021

Students launch the companies that they have prepared for the past few months.


Fall 2021

The inaugural class of the Jersey Shore Startup School will begin it's second semester and, with guidance from the instructors, will learn from the company they launched in the summer and how to grow if they decide to.